17 Mar 2013

11 Free Mobile Apps Perfect for Entrepreneurs

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If you are an Entrepreneur looking for ways to streamline your daily activities, it’s time to take a fresh look at using mobile apps to better manage your time.  If you are not very tech savvy… guess what?  Set your New Year’s resolution to learn how to use technology! It’s one of the easiest ways to save time and can help you run your business from a smart phone.

Here are eleven of the best FREE mobile apps perfect for Entrepreneurs to help gain a few hours back from your busy week:

  1. Genius Scan – This is a perfect app for those of you that need to scan a document and email it to a client/contractor but are out of the office (without access to your scanner).  This app will let you take a picture of any document(s) and email as a single PDF file, the same way an office scanner would.
  2. Splashtop – Need remote access to your computer because you couldn’t take it with you? Download this app and have access to your computer right from your phone.
  3. Skype – If you are not already using this app, download it now! It is a great way to communicate via phone or video conference with anyone you are working with.  It’s all over Wi-Fi and an excellent resource for communicating with international customers or contractors when you don’t want long-distance charges.
  4. Dropbox – If you have files that you share with others, this is an awesome app to have on your phone.  It allows you to access all your business files in the cloud right from your phone (great for meetings if you forget a presentation for example),  cloud storage across your phone and computer is a great way to back up all your files and you can share all files in your Dropbox account with any recipient, without having to email them.
  5. Card Munch (from LinkedIn) –  Take a picture of any business card, and this app will automatically convert it into a contact in your phone.  It’s as easy as that!  This is wonderful for folks big on networking and attending networking events in particular.
  6. Tripit – If traveling is part of your weekly/monthly agenda, this app will create an easy way to save your itineraries and airline reservations (besides searching your email inbox).
  7. Evernote – If you’re full of new ideas on how to improve your business or have new business ideas, this app is great for writing them down, and more importantly, retrieve them!  We all know that those brief moments of clarity and inspiration are extremely valuable.
  8. Skitch – Do you need to visually convey suggestions or corrections to your tech team?  If so this app  will help mark up photos, maps, screenshots and webpages with arrows, shapes and text + share them with your network. FYI: This app is also integrates with Evernote listed above.
  9. PayPal – If you pay independent contractors through PayPal like I do, then download this app. The PayPal mobile app is secure and almost easier to use than your desktop for sending payments.
  10. Chase (or other banking apps) – Tired of looking for your bank to make a deposit? Save yourself trips to the bank by making all your check deposits through your phone! This has been one of the best apps I’ve used!  Simply snap a picture of the check, enter the amount and deposit. Putting money in the bank has never been this easy.
  11. Perch – This app allows you to discover competitor businesses and check out their online presence and activity across Facebook, Twitter and Yelp. You can put your rivals on a watch list that will show you at a glance if they’ve put out a recent promotion or social post. You can also set it to email you daily or weekly reports that summarize what your competition has been up to online.

Streamlining your business through mobile apps can save a few minutes here and there and can grant you increased productivity when in and out of the office, which will ultimately grant you more time to play or stay home with the family.

What are your favorite mobile apps?  Please share them with us here!

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