28 Nov 2012

LOGO QUIZ: Can you identify these brands?

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As savvy entrepreneurs know, brand identity is all about creating a consistent image that people can recognize and trust. One of the biggest elements of a company’s brand identity is its logo. If you’re creating a logo for your business there’s one important thing to remember: keep it simple.

A common mistake small business owners make is having a logo that’s too complex, making it harder to recognize. When it comes to a logo design, less is more. For many successful brands that simply means having the company name in a unique font style or using a single symbol.

Apple® and Nike®, for example, have even decided to nix their company name from their logo in their product design. Their brand identity is so strong people will recognize it with just an iconic element, making it easy to identify in any language.






This popular Logo Quiz mobile game is top-rated in app stores, allowing players to guess the names of hundreds of logos. This poses an interesting question to entrepreneurs: is your logo easy to recognize?

Brand recall and recognition is important to customers so this is an important question to ask yourself when creating a logo for your business.

How many brands can you recognize without seeing the name? Take this fun little online quiz to find out!

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